Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Baking Project: Part 1

I have the immense pleasure of making the desserts for a very special wedding coming up this May. 

I have the task of baking 10 pies (4 apple, 3 pecan & 3 cherry), 10 cheesecakes (4 original, 3 raspberry almond & 3 chocolate peanut butter) and filling the left over gaps with cookies and brownies. 

This past weekend the bride & I met to make some headway on the pies and we were quite successful! 
All of the pies have been made and are currently frozen. I will bake them a day ahead of the wedding and they will be served at room temperature. 

I will post pictures of the actual event and share with you how the table is put together. 

This is a new type of event planning that I've taken part in but I am thoroughly enjoying it! 

The three cherry pies all ready to be put in the freezer! 

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