Thursday, February 26, 2015

Traveling, Transitions & a Two Year Old.

A personal update on my crafting and creating blog?!
Yes but I'll keep it short and I promise to cut in and out of pictures and updates on what's new in the shop. 

Not just a part of a matching set anymore!
This orange and cream bow-tie is now available for
purchase on its own and just in time for Easter!
I want my customers and loyal supporters to know that I take my little shop seriously, I do want to keep up with it and make it a priority in my life. Just not a major priority. 

I started January off with some technical difficulties on the Etsy end of things which gave me a good excuse to shut down, take a break and recuperate after two weeks of Christmas celebrations and traveling throughout Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  

As they fixed the bugs a week or two into the new year, I had intended on bulking up my inventory and getting right back in the swing of things. But, maybe you haven't heard, I'm pregnant. And, all of a sudden, that nesting bug HIT and hit hard! I didn't want to spend my evenings making bow-ties I wanted to spend my evenings making hair bows and headbands, stitching embroidery patterns for my little lady... etc, etc. 

New Vintage Floral print available in a headband for your little lady!
Jude & Co is now offering headbands for individual sale. 
And then, bam. Our little family was hit with a crazy unexpected twist. We received news that a townhouse we placed a (then rejected) offer on in October was now available for us to make a bid on if we wanted to as the listing agent had chosen our previous offer as her second choice. 
Due to a series of ridiculous events, we were told that we'd need to close at the end of February or beginning of March (re: we'd be moving while I am at term with the pregnancy). And, as crazy as we are, we did it! It has been one of the longest and most emotional-roller-coaster-esque times of my life! 
(OH and Jude, himself, has officially turned two years old!) 

And here we are, I'll be 37 weeks on Sunday with our little girl and we should be closed on our house by the end of next week. 

OH, and Jude and Co. is still open!
In fact, even with the chaos that has ensued and will continue for the next few months, it will remain open!
Although, in lieu of taking some sort of Maternity Leave and closing the shop, I will not be taking any custom orders until I am confident that I can handle the work load with our new family situation. 

But, I've thought about your needs and have some fun St. Patrick's Day* appropriate 
(Or an early earth day accessory?) ties available now for purchase! 

And for those of you planning ahead there are some great prints for Easter as well. 
(Come on, those Easter outfits are begging for a spring-time accessory!) 

And, in honor of our little lady who will be joining us so soon, you'll find quite a few more options for bow headbands that can be bought as part of a matching bow-tie set or on their own. 

Thank you so much for supporting Jude & Co.! 
Have an idea for a style or print I don't have? Let me know! 

*To get you going on your fun holiday outfits, use code STPATTYSDAY for 20% off your next purchase! 
(Code expires March 8, 2015) 

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